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Welcome to Crystal Medical Centre Group

We are a highly skilled team of qualified healthcare experts with an overall experience of 20+ years in the industry and we provide bespoke care and guidance for each patient based on their concerns. We care for the Smile of our Customers by providing proper and prompt medical attention or treatment and its options when you are far from home.

We have the finest team of first-rate medical professionals who are extremely educated and trained from various parts of the world and are selected after high levels of stringent background and professional assessments.

Our team of medical professionals are educated and trained from various parts of the world and are selected after high levels of stringent back ground and professional assessments.

Our Main Services

General Medicine

General medicine is the medical speciality which includes the treatment, diagnosis, and deterrence of diseases in individuals. We have physicians who have specialized in internal medicine. They are very qualified, highly trained and will look after your primary medical condition in an ethical and robust manner. Even if you are not insured, our payment options and cooperative accounts will devise a plan based on your needs.


General Dentistry

General dentistry is specifically focused on prevention of the disease. According to a survey, it’s assessed that close to 65% of all dental the procedures are diagnostic or preventive. We have a very qualified team of general dentistry experts who can help you focus on your oral health and prevention of any oral diseases.

Our Dental Department Services

Crystal Medical Centre Group is undeniably the decisive solution for all your dental concerns. Your smile is our vision and we live by it. Our experts do modern dentistry with gentle care. From missing teeth, whitening, cleaning to crowning, Jaw joint disorders, and Dental Implants, we do almost everything to ultimate perfection.

If we are by your side, you can prevent almost any oral disease with ease. We work with you to achieve the best results because your smile is our passion. With our progressive methods and caring approach, we do wonders for your dental health.


Have an infected or inflamed pulp? Our endodontists will first identify the problem and then gives effective treatment to your tooth's soft core.


Our dentists will carefully use forceps to remove your spoiled teeth from the socket that is surrounding the roots and treat you with utmost perfection.

Missing teeth

Want to replace a tooth? Through our unique surgical procedure, the replaced tooth root is placed and bonded with the jawbone successfully.


Seeking for instant results on your damaged tooth? Our tooth whitening services can do wonders. Are you ready for a whiter smile?


With our cutting-edge equipment and leveraging the advanced technology, we treat a range of oral issues such as cavities, teeth cleaning, toothache, every day.


Crowning is the most usual procedure our dentists perform every day. We have immense expertise and we totally ensure value for the money.

Jaw joint disorders

Temporomandibular disorders (TMD) arise because of problems with jaw, jaw joint and facial muscles. Get quick relief and ease the pain with our expert’s help.

Wisdom tooth extraction

Getting wisdom teeth removed may not be as bad if treated by the right oral surgeons. We carefully perform the incision in the gum and successfully remove your teeth.

Dental Implants

Our experienced implantologists manage hundreds of intricate cases every month with international standards of sterilization. Reach us for dental implant surgery.

Fractured tooth

Have a cracked/fractured tooth or the teeth has become sensitive to hot and cold? End the pain in no time with our cost-effective treatment.


Dentures are artificial teeth and gums that are shaped to your mouth by the dentists. Choose us to enjoy a healthy diet and smile with confidence!

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Dr Rabia Mahmoud Quraischi, a leading physician in the UAE, having experience of more than 17 years in clinical practice in the public sector within the UAE, has an enormous profile of happy and healthy patients who have approached her to seek medical advice.

She has received several appreciations for various talks and her passion for patient care is proven by the success of the medical facility. She has worked in major hospitals, managed several kinds of acute medical conditions for both paediatrics and adults in an Emergency setting and has trained in hand reconstructive surgery from Germany.

She has active memberships of the International Radiology community, Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians and has held academic profile whilst working in the public sector in the UAE.

The Best Care Is On Your Side

Innovative Equipments

Our ground-breaking approach to dentistry is reflected in our relentless quest for modern equipment and technology.

Best Surgical Treatment

Our highly experienced surgeons will provide first-rate dental surgical treatment utilizing modern and unique procedures.

First-class Techniques

We have an integrated multi-specialty approach to treating patients. Our infection control measures, and unrivalled techniques promise the best possible dental experience for our patients.

Personalized Treatment

We are always committed to bringing life to your smile. We first analyse and identify the patient’s problem and then give personalized treatment for an easy cure.

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